Tana French is Back, and I’m Here For It!

A different feel from a favorite author. The Searcher is the perfect reading escape.

Tana French is easily my favorite contemporary mystery author. The Searcher is set in the back woods mountains of Ireland where Cal Hooper, an American retired cop, has fled to escape his former life.

While in Ireland, Cal adjust to solitary existence in the wilderness and negotiates the quirky ways of the townsfolk. He soon finds himself in an unlikely friendship that will continue to surprise him as it evolves. Cal couldn’t be further away from his prior life as a police officer but finds himself needing to rely on those skills once again.

The Searcher has beautiful, complicated characters, one of which is Ireland herself. The writing in this book is both atmospheric and propulsive, a combination that is rarely as well done as this.

If you love mysteries and fiction, I highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you to NetGalley, author, and the UK and US publishers for providing a copy of this book so that I could write this honest review.

Between the World and Me

Breathtaking nonfiction

I feel in love with this author’s writing after being immersed in the audiobook for The Water Dancer. It was historical fiction with a touch of fantasy… pure magic for me. I was instantly driven to read more by Coates.

In a departure from the style of The Water Dancer, Between the World and Me is nonfiction. Even more fascinating, this work is a letter written to Coate’s adolescent child.

Coates has a rare talent. He writes gorgeous stories that impart essential lessons and wisdom. Readers have the opportunity to fall in love with his work for a variety of reasons, and I have found several. I adored Coates’ raw messages to his son, as much as they scared me. I feel privileged to have been invited in to their relationship. I need to read more. Historical fiction, nonfiction, any genre… I’m in.

Have you read this author? If so, what title was your favorite?

The Birds That Stay

Audiobook Review

The Birds That Stay

By Ann Lambert

Audiobook read by author

ECW Press Audio

Welcome to my first blog review!

This mystery revolves around the questionable death of an older woman. The story was told by a reliable narrator who spoke with authority and intimate knowledge of characters and locations. Each encounter instantly led to a magnification of the scene, stories from a character’s past, imaginings about the minds of various animals, and glorious descriptions of scenic views. The writing is intelligent and truly brought the story to vivid life.

Although the deep dive into each encounter was beautiful, in the earlier part of the book it seemed excessive and tangential. Once the action began, however, all felt right in this world where so much went wrong and so many behaved badly.

The writing for The Birds That Stay was engaging and fun. The audiobook narrator (who happens to also be the author) was witty, intelligent, and insightful. The story, when the narrator got to it, was well-done. This book was full of layered plot twists that I really enjoyed.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for access to this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.

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